About Us


In August 1955, Mr Horton’s son-in-law visited the Mesiti family in North Ryde. Whilst in general conversation, he mentioned that his father-in-law Mr Horton was thinking of selling his property in Cox’s Road. Upon hearing this comment Angelo Mesiti turned to Sam Bietola, who at the time was engaged to be married to Angelo’s sister Mary and remarked, “What do you think Sam?” They both

agreed to take a look at the property and after do so, they proceeded to purchase the property in Cox’s Road. It consisted of a small grocery store and adjoin residence and thus the beginning a partnership.


Their first venture at the tender age of 22 years, was to run the small grocer and added lines such as fruit and vegetables. Keeping in mind that grocer stores were very different in those days e.g. most products were loose, not pre packaged as we know groceries today, such as sugar, salt biscuits etc all of which has to be weighed.

Over time the store proved not to be profitable enough for both families. The population was fairly small and times were tough.

Sam and Mary married. Mary then became involved in the business and helped her husband and brother Angelo by running the store with Mrs. Edwards, whilst Sam and Angelo purchased another business, a fruit market at Eastwood.

The landlord of the Eastwood fruit shop was Mr Summerhayes, an architect. He offered assistance to Sam and Angelo to develop their property in Cox’s Road. Thus in 1958 the first 6 shops were built. These were a pharmacy, a supermarket, butcher, hardware and cake shop.

In 1960 the profits were increasing.


The Bietola brothers Sam & Charlie, with much dedication and hard work, continued to develop, maintain and update Cox’s Road Mall into what we all know it today. A thriving local community shopping mall successfully catering for shoppers’ needs providing goods and services, parking and seven-day convenience. Cox’s Road Mall sponsors and supports many local charities, schools and clubs.