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Manager/Owner: Pamir

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The health eating revolution has changed the fast food industry forever. And for the better. While other chains have floundered, some businesses, like Domino’s have flourished growing by 20% in the past 10 years according to Pamir, the owner operator of the Cox’s Road Mall Domino’s franchise. Pamir, who has been in the North Ryde community for the past 10 years, says Domino’s success is no accident. “We have considered the customer. We had to boost our product to be better quality.”

Everything that Domino’s sells is fresh. It’s that simple. Their dough isn’t frozen, it’s all made daily onsite, while only the freshest vegetables and the highest quality meats are sourced. Along with their pizza, there are over 20 sides on offer from cheesy garlic bread to buttermilk chicken kickers. And for afters, if you’re still not satisfied, dessert is like a European vacation for your taste buds with Belgian choc lava cake and mini Dutch pancakes to delight.

But it’s not just about having the freshest quality ingredients. Pamir and his team offer a nimble menu that refreshes every six weeks to include their customers’ favourites. In addition to this, Domino’s menus list all ingredients used in their products, helping the customer make an informed decision about what they and their family are about to order.

The Cox’s Road Mall Domino’s gives back to the community by supporting the Starlight Children’s Foundation and Westpac Rescue Helicopter through financial donations, but it’s the commitment to the customer that is the reward for North Ryde and communities across Australia. “The customer is the owner,” says Pamir after Domino’s went public in 2004. “We are always happy to be welcoming any feedback and improving our operation.” It’s this philosophy that Pamir hopes will see customers return again and again long after he has moved on. And with dedication to making sure healthy eating habits remain the status quo, whilst being transparent with their ingredients, it’s hard to imagine a time when the Domino’s customer won’t return again and again.