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Newspapers, lotto, greeting cards.

Shop Number: 9

Manager/Owner: Joy Zhu

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(02)98882727. .

In a world where news is increasingly consumed online, the Cox’s Road Mall Newsagency, open 7 days a week, is like taking a trip down memory lane. With the smell of freshly inked broadsheet newspapers wafting through the aisles and the shiny new magazine periodicals lining the shelves, the customer who prefers thumbing through the morning paper to scrolling on a tablet, is well catered for here.

Behind every successful business there is often a hard working couple, sacrificing sleep and free time to ensure their customer is always left satisfied. At the Cox’s Road Mall Newsagency this couple is husband and wife team Joy and Lily Zhu who have been with the business for the past five and half years. Joy works an eye-watering 12 hours a day 6 days a week in store to keep the North Ryde community well read, while Lily works just a few days in the shop, but tirelessly behind the scenes to keep all the business plates spinning.

And it’s not just about print media, the Cox’s Road Mall Newsagency is a dedicated Oz Lotteries outlet for the North Ryde area with over 300 scratchies, Lotto and Powerball tickets sold daily. Whether you’re a part of a syndicate at work, a lotto devotee or just feeling lucky, playing the numbers while picking up the morning paper could literally be your ticket to a new life.

Support for the community comes through donations of small gifts to schools and charities whenever requested. The Newsagency also operates a home delivery service on daily newspapers and supplies sub-agents within the Cox’s Road Mall with a variety of newspapers. So if you are pressed for time and can’t take a stroll down to one of the only standalone newsagents in the area, you can set up a home delivery account. Or stay connected to the world by picking up a paper in one of five businesses throughout the Cox’s Road Mall.