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203-213 Cox’s road,
North Ryde NSW 2113

North Ryde Pharmacy

Warehouse pharmacies might be good idea in the moment, but the impersonal shopping experience and lack of quality advice takes the shine off any savings made. At the North Ryde Pharmacy, Kevin and the team go out of their way to provide a high level of personalised service that caters to the needs of all their customers.

Kevin, who has been a pharmacist for 21 years with 18 of those years spent working within aged care, is the go-to person when you need good advice on anything from diabetes to which fish oil you should be taking. And so are the whole team. “We keep quite up to date with a lot of the latest information and treatments for things, so we can advise people what to do in the right way.”

It’s important there is always sound advice on hand, any day of the week. “There is always a pharmacist here to speak to the customer or the patient.” It’s comforting to know when “Dr. Google” gives the wrong diagnoses, North Ryde pharmacy is there to give peace of mind to the community when their local GP is not.

North Ryde Pharmacy works with local doctors to allow patients to remain in their own homes, managing their illnesses with medication themselves without the upheaval of being admitted to hospital. “We get instructions from the doctor as to what the patient should be taking and we prepare medication packs on a weekly basis on how the patient is supposed to take the tablets.” The program called Dose Administration Aids or DAAs for short, promotes quality of life for patients in the comfort of their home.

Support for the community comes through financial and stock donations to local organisations, but with a team of pharmacists constantly updating their knowledge through seminar attendance and researching the latest clinical evidence, you have to be in store to benefit from the free of charge support North Ryde Pharmacy is giving to the local community. It’s clear they have the community’s best interest at heart and with those hearts’ access to the best advice on fish oil, they’re very healthy hearts indeed!

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North Ryde Pharmacy

Manager/Owner: Kevin, Johnny and Vivienne

Trading Hours:

Mon – Fri : 9:00 am 6:00 pm

Sat : 9:00 am 3:00 pm

Sun : 10:00 am 1:00 pm


Get In Touch : (02)98781117